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Residents’ Council Week: Activities and Ideas

We are excited to help you start preparations for Residents’ Councils Week. We understand that every home is experiencing the pandemic and related restrictions differently, so we encourage you to find ways to connect with your peers with the support of the Residents’ Council Assistant or other team members to start brainstorming and collecting resident input on program ideas and events that your Council may wish to organize during this celebratory week.
Residents’ Council Week Ideas Page

Inspiration from 2020 Residents’ Council Week

  • Host a home-wide Residents’ Council Trivia game or Residents’ Rights Scavenger Hunt
  • Coordinate with your Dietary Team to arrange a virtual tour of the Kitchen
  • Launch a home-wide challenge to encourage teamwork and collaboration (such as a shower/tub room makeover challenge)
  • Create homemade buttons or stickers for residents and team members to wear featuring the Residents’ Rights or OARC’s slogan, “Ask a Resident.”
  • Create your own Residents’ Council Mission Statement

Residents’ Council Week Promotional Posters (8.5” x 11”):

Residents’ Council Week Table Tents for the Dining Room

Residents’ Council Week Trivia and Colouring Pages

Crossword and Word Search


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