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Resident Expert Advisors and Leaders

Resident Expert Advisors and Leaders (REAL)

Residents living in long-term care (LTC)  homes are at the heart of everything we do.

OARC’s REAL group is comprised of members who are resident leaders living in LTC homes across Ontario. Through this Advisory Group, REAL members bring their own diverse lived experiences and perspectives as residents to elevate and amplify these realities to educate and guide the LTC home sector and broader public.

Are you or do you know an engaged resident leader living in an Ontario long-term care home who:

  • Is interested in lending your/their voice to discussions at the community and provincial levels to educate and inspire others
  • Welcomes opportunities to provide advice and consultation to government, stakeholder or advisory groups 

We invite residents to express their interest to join the REAL group by completing a Getting to Know You Form.

Kindly forward completed forms and direct any questions to Melissa McVie at mmcvie@ontarc.com or reach out by phone: 1-800-532-0201 x 260.

Meet the REALs

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The REAL group:

  • Lends professional and lived experience to the work of the group - working and living in long-term care homes
  • Assists in recognizing emerging issues for residents in long-term care and their Councils
  • Offers support to other relevant projects related to long-term care Residents’ Council/resident education
  • Brings residents’ voice/perspective to external groups (education, government, media, etc.)
  • Advances their work with Residents’ Councils
  • Provides feedback/input/advice, helps identify issues, changing needs and opportunities


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