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Residents' Council Week: Contests

Calling all RC Pillars! Residents’ Council Leaders, Residents’ Council Assistants and Administrators

Forming a strong foundation for a long-term care home’s Residents’ Council is imperative to building trust and success for residents and team members.  Residents’ Councils are strengthened through building authentically safe and respectful relationships. 

To celebrate the strength of your home’s Residents’ Council Pillars, we invite you to share a picture with OARC of your homes Residents’ Council Leader(s) (residents), the Residents’ Council Assistant(s) and the Administrator gathered together. Complete a photo permission form and your photos will be used in a video celebrating Residents’ Council Week 2023 and in future relevant publications!

Deadline: September 8, 2023

Instructions: Send your Residents’ Council Pillars picture with the name, title and email (if applicable) of those members pictured to Jennifer Langston jlangston@ontarc.com.  Participants must live and/or work in a long-term care home in Ontario.

Prize selection: Participants will be entered into a draw that will be announced on September 13th during our live webinar for 1 of 6 - $50 gift certificates. 

2022 Grand Prize Winners


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