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2022 Residents’ Council Week Contest

2022 Residents’ Council Week Contest

This year, we want to see your Residents’ Council and/or Resident Information board for a chance to win 1 of 3 Gift Certificates to My Activity Boards ($800 value includes custom board design and shipping) or 1 of 10 X $50 Tim Horton’s Gift Cards.                                                                                      

When visiting Long-Term Care homes across the province, the OARC team LOVES to see your Residents’ Council/Resident Information boards. Our favourite boards are located at an accessible height and location with readable materials and include important items like: Residents’ Council meeting information and minutes, photos of Resident Leaders and Council Committees, residents’ rights and quality improvement information. Bonus points for displaying your OARC membership certificate and other OARC communications.

We ask that all entries include the following:

  • A short paragraph outlining what residents like about the current Residents’ Council or Resident Information board and what areas residents would like to see enhanced on the board if they were to design a new one.
  • Submit a photo of your board along with a photo of Resident leaders/Council members.

Deadline: Submissions should be emailed to the attention of Melissa McVie at mmcvie@ontarc.com by Wednesday, September 14th, 2022.   Winners will be selected by random draw and announced during a live concert performance hosted by OARC on Friday, September 16th at 2pm. Winning Councils will be contacted directly to coordinate prizes.

Thank you to all Long-Term Care Homes who Participated in the 2021 Residents’ Council Week Video Challenge!!!

Thank you to all the resident and team members who participated in Residents’ Council Week celebrations!   We were so pleased with the response to the Residents’ Bill of Right Video Challenge.  All video entries are available on our YouTube channel to help educate and inspire other homes to learn and perhaps create their own video in the future.  Please join us in congratulating the draw prize winners of the challenge:

  1. Elgin Manor, St. Thomas - iPad and Apple Gift Card
  2. Golden Manor, Timmins – Google Home
  3. Stayner Care Centre, Stayner – Google Home

Additional Draw Prize Winners received a $50.00 gift certificate to Tim Hortons:

Honourable Mentions:


Congratulations to the Residents’ Council Week 2020 Winners

Residents’ Council Week 2020 Winners


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