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Seasons / Saisons Magazine


SEASONS – currently published two times a year, Seasons magazine contains stories of innovative programming and quality initiatives, as well as pertinent news and information of interest to those living and working in long-term care homes. We happily accept content submissions year-round, and we’re always on the lookout for our next “cover” models!

Do you have a story about a project, event or program that was supported by your home’s Residents’ Council? We invite you to submit your stories for the chance to be featured in our next issue!  

To share your story, please email Melissa McVie mmcvie@ontarc.com. We ask that your submission include the following:  

  • PICTURES – we love sharing your pictures alongside your text
  • Article title and authors
  • 250-300-word (maximum) story summary of the event, project, program
  • Your contact information

Past Editions

Fall/Winter – Seasons – English | French
Spring/Summer - Seasons
- English |  French

Fall/Winter – Seasons – EnglishFrench
Spring/Summer - Seasons

Fall/Winter - Seasons
Spring/Summer - Seasons

Fall/Winter - Seasons
Spring/Summer - Seasons

Fall/Winter - Seasons
Spring - Seasons

Winter - Seasons
Summer - Seasons
Spring - Seasons


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