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Meet the Team

Dee Tripp

Dee Tripp
Executive Director
x 240 dtripp@ontarc.com

  • Strategic and Operational Leadership
  • Government and Stakeholder Relations
  • Organizational Spokesperson
  • Team Development
  • Advisor to Board of Directors


Melissa McVie

Melissa McVie
Director of Education and Communication
x 260

  • Education Program Planning and Leadership
  • Communications Strategy Lead
  • Resident Advisory Group (REAL) Recruitment and Liaison
  • Resident Forum Platform Support
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships
Chloe Lee

Chloe Lee
Evaluation and Quality Specialist
X 290

  • Research, program evaluation and quality improvement initiatives
Julie Garvey

Julie Garvey
Administration and Finance Manager
X 230

  • Governance/Board Administrative Support
  • Human Resources Liaison
  • Finance/Budget
Jennifer Langston

Jennifer Langston
Operations and Project Manager
X 220

  • Office and Project Management
  • Membership Intake and Coordination
  • Residents’ Council Support
  • Education/Events Planning
Josie Lee Gibson

Stephanie Ventura
Education and Community Engagement Manager
x 270

  • Education and Home Support Outreach and Oversight
  • Academic and Community Partnership Contact
  • Resident Advisory Group (REAL) Recruitment and Liaison
  • Resident Forum Platform Support
Melissa Matheson

Melissa Matheson
Education and Home Support Facilitator
x 280

  • Residents’ Council Home Support and Outreach
  • Education and Resource Development

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