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Residents’ Council Week

Residents’ Council Week

September 11 to 17, 2023

RC Week is a week to celebrate all RESIDENTS, as every person living in your home is part of the Residents’ Council, regardless of whether they attend your monthly meeting. RC Week is also the perfect time to recognize Residents’ Council supporters – like your Council Assistant and home Administrator, and the people you collaborate with throughout the year, such as Family Council and community members.

Events and Theme Days  September 11-17

September 11 – Membership Monday: All residents are members of the Residents’ Council.  Take the time to explore what it means to be a member of the Residents’ Council.  Share information about who your Residents’ Council leaders are, and why it’s so important to collaborate with residents who don’t or can’t attend meetings regularly.  This is the perfect time to proudly display your OARC membership certificate and, if you are not a member, to consider supporting OARC’s efforts through membership.

September 12 – Togetherness Tuesday: OARC believes that successful Residents’ Councils are supported by three pillars – Residents, Residents’ Council Assistants and Administrators/Executive Directors.  Use Togetherness Tuesday to get to know and celebrate the Residents’ Council pillars in your home.  Visit OARC Tools and Resources webpage in the coming weeks to find Fact Sheets outlining the roles and responsibilities of the Residents’ Council pillars of success!  Don’t forget to take a picture of the three pillars gathered together for the Residents’ Council Pillars contest.

September 13 – Webinar Wednesday: Register now for OARC’s September 13th webinar  at 2 pm to help celebrate Residents’ Council Week webinar.  The webinar will feature singer/song writer, Deidrey Francois as well as tips and hints for successful Residents’ Councils, draw prizes for the Residents’ Council Pillars contest and the Sharron Cooke Annual Legacy Award. Webinar Wednesday can also be used to view one of many OARC’s recorded webinars.

September 14 – Thoughtful Thursday: Residents may be familiar with OARC Resident Forums, held every Thursday at 2 pm ET.  To celebrate Residents’ Council Week there will be two Resident Forums held on September 14th – one at 10:30 am ET and one at 2:30 pm ET.  Registration is not required for these ‘residents only’ forums.  We encourage you to join us and meet other residents living in long-term care homes across the province as we celebrate Residents’ Council Week.

September 15 – Festive Friday: Festive Friday is an opportunity to come together to celebrate Residents' Councils in your home.  Celebrations could take the form of an awards presentation, an informal coffee chat or a red-carpet event.  Consider a BBQ or special luncheon,  or a residents choice breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Arrange a clap out for a special team member, manager or resident who has contributed to the success of the Residents’ Council.  Whatever you do, celebrate where you can and share your celebrations with OARC.

Thank you for everyone who participated in RC Week celebrations and contests.  View the slides to see how long-term care home Residents’ Councils celebrated RC Week 2022!

Residents' Council Week - Thank you.




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