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Hopeful Hearts LTC

Hopeful Hearts LTC

In March 2021, we recognized the 1-year anniversary of COVID-19 entering long-term care (LTC) homes and taking the life of its first beloved resident. In an effort to mark these significant milestones and demonstrate a collective gesture of grief, love, and hope, OARC launched the Hopeful Hearts Campaign.

Since the early days of the pandemic, national COVID-19 campaigns have featured images of illuminated hearts and other messages of support in the windows of private residences and various healthcare settings. OARC invites you to build upon this powerful movement and join our #HopefulHeartsLTC campaign. Together we mourn, and together we move forward in love and hope.  We encourage you to work in partnership with residents, families and LTC teams to create your own unique heart display in your home or in resident rooms. Hearts can be showcased on a wall, in a window, or create a three-dimensional display.

Download our template options and colouring pages to begin your hope filled journey.

Support #HopefulHeartsLTC and tag @OARCnews on Twitter or mention us on your other social media accounts and email us images of your creations at mmcvie@ontarc.com 

For more information and media contact please reach out to Melissa McVie, Director of Education and Communications mmcvie@ontarc.com  1-800-532-0201 x260

We welcome your support in this ongoing initiative…


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