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Residents’ Council Week: Video Challenge

With the second annual Residents’ Councils Week (#RCWeek) just a  few short months away (September 13-19), the Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils (OARC) team encourages residents and teams to get reacquainted with the Residents’ Rights in anticipation of our Residents’ Bill of Rights (RBR) Education Video Challenge!

The Challenge:

Work with residents, team members/home leadership, essential caregivers/volunteers, placement students, family and friends, etc. to create your own Residents’ Bill of Rights Education Video with familiar faces from your home.

When empowered as teachers, residents offer a grounded and inspired learning experience. Encourage residents to be the “stars” of your video and include them in the process every step of the way - from the planning to the execution.

While Residents’ Council leaders/executive members might be excellent ambassadors for your video, it is important to remember that ALL residents can be included. Powerful messages can be communicated using non-verbal materials such as posters featuring a specific resident right. Family members and friends of residents living with cognitive changes can be great collaborative partners, supporting the participation of their loved one in the video.

Looking for inspiration? Check out F.J. Davey Home’s RBR video

Other supportive RBR Education and Tools can be found here on OARC’s website: https://www.ontarc.com/residents-bill-of-rights.html

RBR Education and Tools


All homes that submit a video entry will be entered in a draw for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • iPad tablet with $50 Apple Gift Card
  • 1 of 2 Google Home Devices

Video Tips:

  • Aim to keep your video under 5 minutes.
  • Be sure to include all 27 rights! (If your LTC home is home to residents who speak different languages, consider how you might creatively incorporate this into your video).
  • Ensure that everyone participating on camera has a signed photo/media consent on file with your LTC home.
  • Please name your video file using the following format: yyyy/mm/dd/NameofLTCH-CityName
  • Submit video as an .mp4 file through OARC’s DropBox account https://www.dropbox.com/request/46xMoQhMdewFs1stnbuF

Submission Deadline:

We ask that you submit your video Friday, September 10th
Winners to be announced on September 19th during Residents’ Councils Week*.
*We encourage you to drum up excitement about your video by circulating and sharing with residents, teams, family and friends during Residents’ Councils Week (September 13-19).

Why get involved?

Beyond this challenge, your video will continue to have meaningful applications in your home – it can be used as a teaching tool, it can be incorporated into training for new employees/team members, or it can be embedded in your existing E-learning modules or Mandatory Annual education. Your video can be featured on your home’s website and posted on social media to show the world how passionate your home is about raising awareness and deepening your collective understanding of the Residents’ Bill of Rights.
All approved videos will be featured on OARC’s “Residents’ Rights” web page to help inspire other homes to keep the RBR education top of mind, not just during Residents’ Councils Week, but year-round!
We look forward to seeing your collaborative creations in the coming months!


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