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Communicating with Residents

Tool for Communicating with Residents in LTC During COVID-19

With the amount of work and information flowing through long-term care (LTC) homes during COVID-19, it is difficult to cover all areas of communication. Through OARC’s efforts to date, it has become apparent that residents, who are at the heart of what we do, are often left out of the communication loop. Residents want and need to be informed about what is happening in their homes.

The Ontario government has given a clear directive to home operators about their responsibility to keep residents (as well as staff and family members) informed about COVID-19 in Directive #3 for LTC Homes under the LTC Homes Act:

To assist with this communication, OARC has created a simple template that can be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect changes in your home’s situation. OARC recommends that this tool is printed and distributed on a weekly basis (or more frequently as changes occur) and delivered to each resident. If this is not possible, we recommend that you explore alternative ways of communicating the information based on residents’ individual needs and preferences and available resources in the home.

The template and guidelines are available here:

We hope that this will assist you in your continued efforts to communicate with residents living in the home you operate. If you have suggestions or questions, please contact OARC’s Executive Director Dee Lender dlender@ontarc.com 1-800-532-0201 x 240


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