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Annual Membership

Being part of OARC allows our group to stay connected with other long-term-care homes, and stay abreast of issues that have an impact on our quality of life…it’s empowering
~ RC member

OARC Membership is open to all Residents’ Councils in long-term care homes in Ontario. Your Council’s annual membership signifies your commitment to  be part of a collective voice of residents with a shared goal of maximizing the resident experience in long-term care.

Your Residents’ Council is IMPORTANT and positively contributes to the quality of living in your home.  OARC is instrumental in educating, supporting and advocating for Residents’ Councils in long-term care.  OARC Board members sit at government and long-term care home community tables to support and represent what is important to long-term care residents across Ontario. 

The collection of annual Membership fees allows the OARC Board and team members to extend their reach and do more! These valuable contributions help to further our efforts in some of the following areas:

  • Travel more frequently and further distances: provide in-home presentations and support to Residents’ Councils in long-term care homes across Ontario
  • Support ongoing education:  assist and advise Residents' Councils , Council Assistants and Administrators through telephone calls, email, letters and in-person or virtual visits
  • Education and content development: developing new tools/resources, workshops and webinars, to help the sustainability and effectiveness of Residents’ Councils
  • Representing the resident voice and Residents’ Councils at government and stakeholder tables and conferences
  • Keeping Residents' Councils connected and informed of current education, innovative programs and initiatives, and legislation through publications, including our newsletter, OARC In Action and Seasons magazine.

 Annual Membership Fees:

1 - 99 beds $ 50.00
100 - 199 beds $100.00
200 + beds $150.00

 Membership Application:

PDF Application
MS Word Application

Please Return Application to:

Ontario Association of Residents' Councils
c/o York Region Newmarket Health Centre
194 Eagle Street, Suite 3105
Newmarket, ON L3Y 1J6

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