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COVID-19 Updates


Residents’ Councils' Forge Ahead to Re-Convene

During the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, OARC and our partners at the Ministry of Long-Term Care (LTC) recommended that all LTC homes temporarily pause Residents’ Council and other meetings in an effort to minimize risk and manage the virus.

COVID-19 has been a difficult time in our history, but we are now forging ahead and finding new ways to live and function with the virus the best way we can. While some homes were able to safely facilitate Residents’ Council meetings using modified formats throughout this extended outbreak, the majority have not convened a Council meeting since early 2020 (or earlier based on flu season and other related outbreaks).

Armed with knowledge and the proper personal protective equipment we can maintain Residents’ Councils in long-term care. Residents’ Councils play an essential role in every long-term care home. With some modification and creativity, residents can reclaim their structured outlet for peer support and sharing and their legislated safe space for asking questions, raising concerns and engaging in home operations.

The Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils continues to look for safe, new and innovative ways to facilitate Residents’ Council meetings and, ultimately, facilitate residents’ voices in their homes and communities. We will continue to develop education and practical/promising practices to support Residents’ Councils across Ontario.

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