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Residents’ Council Week

Residents’ Council Week

Celebrate Residents’ Council Week – September 14th to 20th, 2020

Residents Councils’ play an important role in shaping the place residents call home. They bring residents together as peers, to discuss issues of importance and to stay connected and engaged in home operations and decision-making. Ontario’s first official Residents’ Council Week will allow Councils the opportunity to creatively showcase who they are and what they do.

The OARC team is excited to help you start preparations for Residents’ Council Week. In our current climate, activities and special events might need to look a bit different to minimize risk and ensure the safety of everyone in your home.  What makes your Residents’ Council special and how can you share this with others to commemorate Ontario’s very FIRST Residents’ Council Week?

Premier of Ontario

Congratulations from the Premier of Ontario:

Premier Ford wishes residents a Happy Residents' Council Week and thanks the Ontario Association of Residents' Councils and Residents' Councils across Ontario for empowering and providing a voice for residents in long-term care.

We have created a few items to get you started on your celebration planning.  Please click on the links below to have access to posters, activity pages, event ideas and more…

OARC Residents’ Council Schedule of Events:

  1. Monday, September 14: Residents’ Council Week Kick Off BulletinVideo
  2. Tuesday, September 15 | 10:30 am: Resident Forum (register here)
  3. Wednesday, September 16 | 2 pm: Residents’ Councils: Exploring a New Normal Webinar (register here)
  4. Thursday, September 17 | 2 pm: Resident Forum (register here)
  5. Vendredi, septembre 18 | 10:30 am: Forum des residents (Inscrivez-vous ici)

Ideas and Resources

  1. Residents’ Council Week Ideas – Ideas, Contests and Events
  2. Residents’ Council Week Poster – Celebrate Teamwork
  3. Residents’ Council Week Poster – Ask A Resident
  4. Residents’ Council Week Poster – Customizable Templates
  5. Residents’ Council Week Table Tent Sign – Customizable Template
  6. Residents’ Council Week Activity Sheet – Word Search and Answer Key
  7. Residents’ Council Week Activity Sheet – Trivia Questions and Answers
  8. Residents’ Council Week Activity Sheet – Colouring Pages


Contest 1: Share Your Residents’ Council Week Activities on Social Media: How is your LTC home celebrating Ontario’s FIRST Residents’ Councils Week? Share your pictures and stories and tag us Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils (OARC) LinkedIn or @OARCnewsTwitter between September 14-20 using hashtag #RCWeek for a chance to win a gift card for your Residents’ Council. Contact Melissa McVie mmcvie@ontarc.com x 260.

Contest 2: Share Your Residents’ Council Week Activities and Stories with the OARC Team by email or regular mail by September 30: We invite you to share some of your highlights from Residents’ Councils Week. All submissions received by email or regular mail by September 30 will be eligible to win 1 of 3 gift card prizes, and a small feature in OARC’s fall/winter Seasons magazine. 250-300 words with picture. Contact Melissa McVie mmcvie@ontarc.com x 260


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